Reine Hjärtström


Reine Hjärtström aus Schweden war am 12.06.2013 Gastcaller in unserem Club.

Reine started dancing 1984 in Suntown Squaredancers, Karlstad Sweden (One of the The clubs who arranged the European Square Dance Convention 2010).
1986 he started calling and held his first class 1987 as a 12 years old boy.
Presently he is calling for several clubs in the south of Sweden and in Denmark.
He have been calling at several conventions, dances and specials, mostly in Sweden, Denmark and Austria.
2006 Reine recorded for Snow Records.
Reine is a member of  SACT (Swedish Associaton of Callers and Teachers) and CALLERLAB.
Square dance has been a significant part of his life for the last years.