Welcome to the square dance club „Dancing Strawberries“!

Square dancing is friendship through music and dance.

When compared with other kinds of dancing, one of the main differences is that there is no competition, just the opportunity to dance together and have fun. Square dancing knows no boundaries of age or status.

Children, singles, couples, families, people of all ages are most welcome.

One gets to meet like minded people in square dancing and thereby make new friends. There is always a great atmosphere with lots of fun and laughter. Once you have learnt the basic steps, which are danced everywhere, you will quickly be able to join in and dance with other clubs where there will always be a welcome.

Fun will be the order of the day and you will also find this lively style of dancing is good for your concentration and reflexes!

We have often performed at festivals and so have been asked whether it would be possible to dance nearer to home. We therefore decided in the middle of January to start a club. We dance in Gerasdorf on the northern edge of Vienna. This region is well known for its huge cereal and strawberry fields. This has obviously played a part in the naming of our club.
Square dancing has become a very well loved hobby for us and has been life changing in a very positive way.
We dance through life to well known melodies from around the world and look forward to swinging times ahead.

Just come and join in with us.
We would really like to get to know you and would also welcome spectators.

Best wishes, the „Dancing Strawberries“